Promotable for Business

Partner with Promotable to empower your teams with skills critical for driving powerful business insights and game-changing innovation.

Empower Your Teams

With proven instructional excellence, our courses will enable your teams to immediately implement what they learn, so they can do what matters most – tackle your most challenging business problems.

Training Capabilities

Let us train your team, augment your own course offerings, or create your own online courses.

Live Training (Online or In-Person)
Build real-world connections collaborating with like-minded professionals and experts in class and through events and networking opportunities.
White Label Course

Create a course for your team or offer Promotable content and training under your own brand.

Custom at Your Own Pace Courses

License Promotable content to create your own pace courses to augment your internal onboarding and training.

Courses for Teams

Our courses range from Data Literacy to Machine Learning, enabling you to build robust data science and analytics skills across your organization.

Data Analytics
Give your team the skills and tools to get more from their data.

Python fundamentals

Learn the most in-demand coding language for developers and Data Scientists.

Data Literacy

Help your organization become data driven.

Data for Managers
Help your managers understand the data landscape, learn to ask the right questions and make data driven decisions.

Machine Learning

Learn how to leverage Machine Learning for your business.

SQL fundamentals

Learn SQL fundamentals critical to every data team.

Data Engineering

Help your team build the engineering that powers data science.

Data Visualization

Give your team the skills to visualize and tell stories with data

All of Promotable for Business Includes

Expert Instructors

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Custom Courses unique to your Workforce
Every team and organization is different, so why should the training be exactly the same? Our discovery process allows us to provide a customized training curriculum to fit your needs. The traditional curriculum covers everything to build the next generation of product managers while going in-depth enough for seasoned product managers to improve their skills and expand their expertise. Whether you want a two-day or ten-day training, we work with you to deliver results.
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Courses Designed for Beginners and Data Pros

Intimidated by data? No problem! Our courses are a great fit for beginners as well as data pros, coders and anyone else looking to learn and improve data skills. No prior data experience is necessary and our advisors will guide you to the right course. So, whether, you’re new to data analysis, want to up-skill, or want to enter the field of data science, we have courses for you!

Who We've Worked With
Small Classes, Taught by Data Experts

Our courses areled by expert instructors from leading companies with several years of experience. Small class sizes offer one-on-one instruction and flexible paces.

Attend In-Person or Online

You have the option to attend courses in-person, or live-online (remote attendance). Either way, you’ll earn a certificate of completion and havelifetime access to class recordings and materials.

Become a Data Scientist

Promotable courses provide the essential skills on the path to becoming a data scientist. You will gain hand-on experience in data collection and interrogation, machine learning, statistics, programming and predictive analytics.

Learn Top Data Analysis Tools

Using practical exercises, you will learn to identify, transform, and utilize data using popular tools and techniques, including Excel, SQL, Tableauand Python Programming.

Real World Examples and Projects

Courses are structured to apply knowledge using practice exercises and projects that students can apply immediately to their work. Example projects range from Excel analysis and writing SQL queries, to data wrangling and building an app using Python.

Become a Data Storyteller

Learn how to use data visualization tools and methods to create high-quality charts and graphs to build and present data presentations.